Zilla Parishad

Sl. No. Title Form No. Download(English) Download(Odia)
1 Notice for Election for Office Member of Parishad by Election Officer Form No.1
2 Receipt for Deposit Amount Form No.3
3 Receipt for Deposit of objection fee Form No.3A
4 Nomination Paper for Member of Parishad Form No.4
5 Declaration of result for an uncontested candidate Form No.5
6 List of Validly Nominated candidates for election as a member of Parishad Form No.6
7 Statement Showing the election Symbols allotted to candidates Form No.7
8 List of Validly Nominated/Final list of candidates for election as a member of Zilla Parishad Form No.8
9 Notice of Withdrawal Form No.9
10 Ballot paper Format Form No 10
11 Ballot paper Account Form No.11
12 Result of Counting of votes for election to the Office of the Member of Member by Presiding Officer Form No.11A
13 Result after Counting of votes for election to the Office of the Member of Parishad Form No.12
14 Notice for holding of First meeting of Parishad Form No.13
15 Notice for Calling for the nomination of candidates for the office of the President and Vice-President Form No.14
16 Nomination paper for the election of President and Vice President of Parishad Form No.15
17 Notice for holding of the election of Vice-President of Parishad Form No.16
18 Authorization of Persons to sponsor names of the Party’s candidate for allotment of symbols. Form No.17
19 Sponsoring of Candidates by the Party Form No.18
20 Register of Votes FORMS-18A
21 Account of Votes recorded Form No 18B