New Forms for NAC & Municipality

Sl. No. Title Form No. Download(English) Download(Odia)
1 Nomination Paper for Chairperson FORM-VIIIA
2 List of Nomination Received for election of Chairperson FORM-XIA
3 List of Valid Nominations FORM-XIB
4 Final List of Contesting Candidate of Chairperson FORM-XIIB
5 Ballot Paper for General/ By Election of Chairperson FORM-XIIIA
6 Account of Votes Recorded for Chairperson FORM-XVIID
7 Statement of Ballot Paper sent by Presiding Officer FORM-XVIIIA
8 Return showing the result of Polling for the office of Chairperson FORM-XIXA
9 Declaration of Result FORM-XXA