Panchayati Raj Institution

Sl. No. Title Download(English) Download(Odia)
1 Lists of Election Materials to be used by the Polling Party(Instruction No.40)
2 Despatch of Wireless Message by Election Officer to SEC(Instruction No.39)
3 Ceiling of use of Vehicles by the Candidates(Instruction No.38)
4 Instruction on maintainance of Election Account(Instruction No.37)
5 Issue of certified copies of election related documents(Instruction No.36)
6 Participation by persons under detention during indirect elections(Instruction No.35)
7 Requisition of Staff,Premises and Vehicles etc(Instruction No.34)
8 Applicability of provisions of Representation of People Act,1950 and R.PAct 1951 during Panchayat Elections(Instruction No.33)
9 Submission of declaration by the candidate for Ward Member along with the nomination paper(Instruction No.32)
10 Submission of Affidavit along with the Nomination Paper(Instruction No.31)
11 Authorisation under Rule19(2) of OPSE Rules thereof(Instruction No.30)
12 Declaration of Result-Recounting(Instruction No.29)
13 Appointment of Polling Agent(s)(Instruction No.28)
14 Order on Ceiling on Election Expenses(Instruction No.27)
15 Revised Order on Ceiling of Election Expenses(Instruction No.26)
16 Guidelines of Expenditure Observers(Instruction No.25)
17 Guidelines for Observers(Instruction No.24)
18 Destruction of old used or unused ballot papers(Instruction No.23)
19 Rate of payment of requisition charges to private vehicles(Instruction No.22)
20 Remuneration to Police Personnel(Instruction No.21)
21 Remuneration to Polling and Counting Personnel,expenses on booth arrangement instructions regarding(Instruction No.20)
22 Identification of Polling Station(Instruction No.19)
23 Revision of list of habitual litigants(Instruction No.18)
24 Production of Identity Card by the voters(Instruction No.17)
25 Collector's detailed report to the Commission at the end of the Poll each day(Instruction No.16)
26 Used, Unused and surplus Ballot Papers(Instruction No.15)
27 Colour of Ballot Paper(Instruction No.14)
28 Allotment of free symbols to the Z.P Members(Instruction No.13)
29 Use of symbols in the election of Ward Members(Instruction No.12)
30 Allotment of additional symbools for use in the election to the office of Sarpanch(Instruction No.11)
31 Use of symbols in the election of Members of Panchayat Samiti(Instruction No.10)
32 Use of Symbols in the election of Members of Zilla Parishad(Instruction No.09)
33 Allotment of Symbols(Instruction No.08)
34 List of National Parties or State Parties & Symbols reserved for them(Instruction No.07)
35 Scrutiny of Nomination for seats reserved for SC/ST Backward Class of citizens-Procedure regarding(Instruction No.06)
36 Appointment of Election Officer(Instruction No.05)
37 Disposal of Claims & Objection under Rule 7(1) and application under Rule7(2) of OGPE Rules 1965(Instruction No.04)
38 Printing of Electoral Roll(Instruction No.03)
39 Preparation of Electoral Roll(Instruction No.02)
40 Appointment of Electoral Registration Officer(Instruction No.01)